Psychiatry and
Behavioral Sciences

PTSD Apnea Clinical Study (PACS)

Principal Investigator: Lisa Kinoshita, PhD
Contact: Kader Ucar (650) 849-0482

Veterans who have been exposed to physical assault, highly stressful situations or life-threatening events may develop Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). VA and Stanford researchers are dedicated to better understand PTSD. As a part of this effort we are conducting research studies. The current research program aims to study how sleep disordered breathing, age and genetics may affect memory in older adult veterans with PTSD.

Symptoms of PTSD

We are looking for male and female veterans, 55 years old and older to participate. The study consists of a screening visit to determine eligibility and yearly overnight visits. During the overnight visit we will monitor your sleep. There is compensation of up to $250 for completion of the study.

“Your help is needed… and truly appreciated.”

For more information and a confidential discussion, please call Kader Ucar at (650) 849-0482.

Recruitment flyer, PDF


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