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Major Depression Treatment Studies:

"Combining Antidepressant Medication & Psychotherapy for Insomnia to Improve Depression Outcome"

Difficulties falling and / or staying asleep are common in people who suffer from depression. Persistent insomnia can hinder response to treatment. Individuals whose insomnia does not resolve with standard antidepressant therapy are at increased risk for recurrence of their depression.

With the aim of improving the overall treatment of depression, our study will evaluate a treatment strategy that simultaneously treats sleep difficulties and depression. The study will evaluate whether or not this strategy will enhance clinical outcome and lead to longer lasting benefits.

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"A Study of Acupuncture and Massage for Depression During Pregnancy"

Pregnant women who are eligible are randomized to receive at least 8 weeks of FREE treatment with acupuncture or massage. Some participants will be eligible to continue treatment until 10 weeks post partum. The study is open to pregnant women, over 18, who experience depression. Participants must be who are in stable medical condition. Treatments are provided at locations across the larger San Francisco Bay Area. Assessments are provided at Stanford University. More information is available at (650) 724-4431.

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Genetic Studies:

Do you and a family member have DEPRESSION?

Please consider taking part in a nationwide research study:

"Genetics of Recurrent Early-Onset Depression"

Sponsored by the National Institute of Mental Health

You may be able to participate if:

Participants are reimbursed $75.

We are unable to include people with bipolar disorder or with bipolar disorder in the immediate family. 

You do not need to live near our sites.  Interviews can be completed by phone.

This study does not involve treatment and does not affect treatment. 

For more information, contact us at:,

visit our study website at

or call 650-723-3258

or toll-free: 877-407-9529  (all emails and calls are confidential)

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