Psychiatry and
Behavioral Sciences

What surprised our residents the most about the program

"What has surprised me the most is the excellent psychotherapy training, including outstanding therapy supervisors; the administration is very supportive of resident's individual interests."

"The genuine support and presence of program leaders, chief residents, and admin staff, and the lack of hierarchy across levels of training."


"While Stanford tends to have a reputation of being "research-focused", "biologic", and very "academic", I have found that the program is very well-rounded, with emphasis on resident education, broad clinical exposure, and individualizing the program experience."

"All of the faculty and residents I have worked with are very approachable and down-to-earth and compassionate.  Also, we care for a variety of patients from different socio-economic and cultural backgrounds which makes for a more enriching training and environment."


"I felt I was treated like a colleague as soon as I got here, by everyone including co-residents, attendings, faculty and administration."

"How responsive the administration is to resident input; The amazing orientation week to intern year; The chief residents are so involved with each class; I feel so privileged to work with such amazing residents with diverse backgrounds."


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